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ProofBooster Lifetime Deal & Review

Are you struggling to get more leads and sales on your website? Do you feel like your website visitors just don’t trust you or your product enough to make a purchase?

If so, you’re not alone! Most website owners and entrepreneurs face this same problem.

The good news is, there is a solution: ProofBooster Lifetime Deal.

This powerful software uses the power of social proof to increase your website’s trustworthiness and conversions. With ProofBooster, you can quickly and easily create and display powerful social proof that will make it easier for visitors to trust you and take action.

ProofBooster Features

14 Types of Notifications Included

ProofBooster offers a variety of customizable notification types to help website owners maximize the effectiveness of their website. These notifications can increase leads and conversions by providing timely, relevant information to website visitors. Types of notifications include pop-ups, notifications bars, slide-ins, and more, allowing website owners to tailor the notifications to their specific needs.

Customizable Notifications

This feature allows users to create and customize their notifications to fit their individual needs. This is useful because it allows users to receive notifications that are tailored to their preferences and are more likely to be seen, leading to increased engagement.

Seamless Integration

This feature allows users to quickly and effortlessly integrate the platform onto any website with a single line of code, eliminating the need for complex setup and allowing them to start using the platform in no time.

Brought to You by the Team Behind SEOBLAZER

ProofBooster is a powerful SEO tool that was developed by the team behind SEOBLAZER, one of the most trusted SEO software on the market. It offers over 54 tools that have been proven to help customers increase their SEO performance.

Real-Time Event Tracking with Analytics

This feature allows you to monitor the activity on your website in real time, allowing you to quickly identify any trends or issues. This can be useful for understanding user behavior, identifying areas of improvement, and improving the overall user experience.

Remove ProofBooster Branding

ProofBooster branding can be removed and used on client websites for feedback, reviews, and other forms of customer engagement.


What types of notifications can be created with ProofBooster?

With ProofBooster, users can create 14 different types of notifications.

Can users customize their notifications?

Users can customize their notifications however they like it.

How can ProofBooster be integrated on any website?

ProofBooster can be easily integrated on any website with just one line of code.

Who is behind ProofBooster?

ProofBooster is brought to you by the team behind SEOBLAZER – a power SEO software, with over 54 tools and trusted by over 200,000+ happy customers.

Are Analytics Available with ProofBooster?

With ProofBooster, users can reliably track any event on their website the instant it happens with analytics.


In conclusion, if you’re struggling to get more leads and sales on your website, ProofBooster can help.

This powerful social proof software is easy to use, and can quickly increase your website’s trustworthiness, leading to more conversions and sales.

Now that you know how ProofBooster can help, why not give it a try and start getting the leads and sales you need?

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