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Prooven Lifetime Deal

The Prooven plugin can automatically send targeted, automated alerts to folks who visit the app or website. You just have to install the add-on and pick what notifications types you wish to spread out. Proof will then perform the magic!

You can configure the plugin to suit your needs. A variety of triggers, including past activities on your website, latest visits to the website, and other activities, can be used to determine when to send notifications. You may also set up email notifications automatically if you utilize Proof for promotion purposes!

Prooven is simple to use & integrates seamlessly with any landing page, store, or website. It does not require design expertise or web development to integrate social proof.

Prooven Highlights

  • A message that can be fully customized to provide any information you want your users to have.
  • The best way to notify your users that you are having a sale is with a coupon.
  • Create more trust by showing how many users are on your website.
  • Collect emails and generate leads from your users with Email Collector.
  • Display recent conversions on your site to build trust.
  • Showing how many recent conversions you’ve accomplished using Conversions Counter.
  • Display a small widget with a YouTube video to provide quick information.
  • Allow others to share your content and gain extra traffic for you.
  • Display customer reviews to build trust and credibility.
  • A system for users to provide feedback on your website via emoji.

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