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Accounting and bookkeeping remain extremely manual processes full of friction for most small business owners and solopreneurs. Especially challenging is gathering scattered bank and credit card statements from various institutions to categorize volumes of monthly transactions. 

Between downloading confusing PDF reports, exporting clumsy Excel spreadsheets, and trying to make sense of the resulting financial hairball, tracking true cash flow requires ridiculous effort. This makes producing clean books for tax season a frightful endeavor for entrepreneurs already stretched thin running daily business operations.

Fortunately the ingenious platform Rocket Statements provide much needed relief by completely automating the collection and conversion of bank statement chaos into perfectly organized financial data sources. Rocket Statements integrates with over thousands of major banks and credit card systems globally to automatically download the latest daily transaction information. Whether you need neatly structured bank statements in Excel, CSV or other formats, Rocket Statements ingests any and all statement data with ease. Proprietary mapping technology translates raw transaction descriptions into normalized merchant names, dates, and amounts. Any duplicate entries across accounts also get de-duplicated for accuracy.

Sophisticated categorization algorithms then auto-code each transaction with common labels like advertising expense, payroll, internet services, etc. This empowers entrepreneurs to truly understand where cash is coming and going. The pièce de résistance? Rocket Statements enables effortless one-click conversion of this organized data into QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. So processed transactions seamlessly flow into official books without manual data entry.

Offering the only intelligent bank statements automation solution designed specifically for small business owners and bootstrapped solopreneurs, Rocket Statements drives game-changing efficiency. Simply link accounts once and forever tame the data chaos holding back accurate financial visibility.

Product Highlights

  • Integrates with over 1000+ banks globally for automated bank statement reconciliation daily Ingests PDF, Excel, CSV files from all bank and credit card accounts 
  • Deduplicates, categorizes, and tags all transactions for easy accounting 
  • Delivers beautifully formatted streams to QuickBooks Online/Desktop w/ one click 
  • Syncs normalized transactions into other platforms like Xero, Wave, Zoho Books 
  • Ideal for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners 
  • Offers affordable monthly plans scaled by transaction volume

Intelligent Transaction Mapping

Ingested CSV, PDF and Excel raw statement files run through Rocket Statements’ proprietary cleansing and mapping engine. Advanced machine learning algorithms structure messy descriptions into normalized transaction metadata, merchant names, dates and amounts. Rules-based logic catches duplicates across accounts while machine learning categorizes spending. This structured transaction data powers simplified reporting and bookkeeping.

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