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Streamr Multilingual Video Translator Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Streamr Lifetime Deal

Multi-Lingual Video Translator
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Streamr Lifetime Deal

Streamr is the only desktop-based application that offers a multilingual video translator, with built-in Live streaming capabilities. With Streamr you get access to features that have never been seen before and technologies with no cost per month. 

The features that are available include automatic transcription, automatic translator, subtitles overlays and automated audio translation. Streamr utilizes Ai as well as an UN-style voiceover technique. Choose your accent style, dialect, and accent from the 270+ voices that are available within the program. 

Google Wavenet Voices is integrated and allows you to select a method of making your videos available to any language you like and allowing multiple voice voices within one video. It also automates transcription, caption, and placement and an integrated live stream for YouTube along with Facebook. The world is not a matter of choice now. Find Streamr the only option.


  • Convert any video to an international sales machine
  • Sell, engage and entice to audiences all over the globe
  • Get into any market you want by instantaneously transcribing any English video into another
  • Simply translate, transcribe and then add captions, voice-overs, and captions in more than 50 major languages and 270 voices
  • Increase views of your video on Facebook YouTube Dlive.Tv as well as D.Tube, even if your video is not being shown.
  • Unlimited multilingual videos to your own use or to sell to customers at a premium price
  • No monthly charges and no need for language skills, no technical knowledge needed

Check out Streamr Lifetime Deal

  • Get lifetime access for just $49.99 one-time payment.

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