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Vocal Lifetime Deal: Share Voice & Audio Messages

Share Voice & Audio Messages with Your Contacts via Email
Expired July 23, 2023
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Vocal Lifetime Deal: Share Voice & Audio Messages


Are you frustrated with having to type out long emails every time you need to communicate with someone? Do you wish there was an easier way to get your message across?

Look no further than Vocal Lifetime Deal!

With Vocal, you can instantly record and attach voice messages to emails, allowing your recipients to listen directly in their inboxes. Save yourself time and energy by quickly customizing your messages with a profile picture and title content. Vocal will make your life easier and make communication with others more efficient.

Try Vocal today and revolutionize the way you communicate!


Send Your Emails with Vocal

Vocal allows users to quickly and easily send voice notes between Gmail and Outlook in one click. This feature is incredibly useful for those who prefer to communicate quickly with voice messages rather than typing out emails or texts.

It works across a variety of platforms, including mobile, web, and desktop, so users can easily access it to communicate with anyone in their Microsoft ecosystem.

Customize Your Voice Notes

Vocal’s custom voice notes feature allows you to make your voice messages more personal by adding a profile picture, changing your signature, and background, and adding a custom short text.

You can also add personal touches to make them even more special. Furthermore, you can use built-in shortcuts to make sending voice messages even faster.

Automated Transcription

With the added convenience of automated transcription, you can get your voice message converted to text and read it from any web page. This feature is useful for quickly updating successes, giving detailed instructions, or for any other purpose where it is easier to communicate with voice rather than text.

Listen to Audio Files Instantly in Email

Vocal provides a convenient way to attach audio files to emails and quickly listen to them without the need to download them.

This saves time and eliminates the hassle of having to convert files for compatibility purposes. Additionally, you can quickly navigate to the audio file and listen to it, without having to jump between multiple windows.


What is Vocal?

Vocal is a platform that allows users to send voice notes through email.

Which email platforms is Vocal available on?

Vocal is available on Gmail and Outlook.

Can Vocal be used on mobile devices?

Yes, Vocal works on Gmail mobile directly in the Gmail app.

What customization options are available for voice notes on Vocal?

Users can add a profile picture, change their signature and background, and add custom short text.

Can recipients of voice notes on Vocal read transcriptions of the message?

Yes, recipients can read transcriptions of the voice message by clicking on the message and opening the web page.


In conclusion, Vocal is a powerful platform that allows users to quickly and easily send voice notes through email. It is currently available on Gmail and Outlook, and also works on Gmail mobile directly in the Gmail app.

Users can customize their voice notes with a profile picture, signature, background, and custom short text. Recipients can read transcriptions of the voice message by clicking on the message and opening the web page. By using Vocal, users can save time and quickly connect with family, friends, and colleagues in a new way.

Try out Vocal today and see what adding a personal touch to your emails can do to make communication even more enjoyable!

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