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Voicera Lifetime Deal

Create Life-Like Voice Dictation
Expired July 25, 2023
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Voicera Lifetime Deal

Have you ever considered you could give an ear to your blog or writings?

If you can do this, then surely you could make your customers more engaged. The majority of people are now multitasking.

Offering them the option to enjoy your blog while they work on other projects simultaneously will be a huge help. This will definitely improve the level of engagement with your customers.

This is a wonderful concept, however how would you accomplish it?

Introducing Voicera Lifetime Deal

Voicera is an application that gives you an entire solution to implement this concept.

Why Should I Use Voicera?

Voice dictation on blogs allows users to multitask, and thus lets you connect to 200M or more people across the world.

Additionally, audio-based content definitely stays in the mind of an person and therefore improves the visibility of your brand among people.

People who struggle to read are able to be engaged by voice-dictation.

Voicera can be described as an AI tool that detects your content and generates the audio.

Thus, you don’t need to be concerned about the creation of voice-overs for every blog.

Keep writing your blogs as you are doing them and your voice-dictation of the same will be managed by Voicera.

The greatest benefit for Voicera’s Voicera system is the fact that unlike competitors, it counts a single word as a credit, instead of one character as a credit, which means that you receive greater value for your budget.

Voicera Advantages

  • Your readers could become the listeners to your stories.
  • No matter what their hectic schedule, the news are always available to listen to. While they drink their coffee, work on their chores, walk through the city, commute, or even on an elevator. With Voicera your post is sure to be noticed when they are your readers. Additionally, users will suggest circles to provide a faster and more effective method to keep information.
  • Offering users an original and efficient way to keep the content. They will be more likely to prefer your blogs over those of your competition. They are unlikely to switch to rivals for the same subject and information.
  • The users find it more interesting. This is a significant reduction in bounce rates. This means that SEO will be enhanced and will increase businesses.
  • Reading and listening together can helps people remember information more effectively. Users will stay longer with your information. Better readability, increasing the profits and business.
  • For adults with poor reading ability or literacy the text can be understood , which results in massive traffic.
  • It’s intended to help people who have lower levels of attention (basically everyone teenager).
  • Your content will reach the every corner of the world in ways you would never imagine. It will be more popular with a wider users and greater retention in the event that it can be used by diverse dialects and languages. This gives you the chance to join efforts with other media in order to improve international readability.
  • The audio version of your blog’s blog is a representation of the blog’s brand’s value and the content’s authenticity that is unmatched.

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