Easy Jobs Recruitment Solution Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Easy Jobs Lifetime Deal

Helps you streamline your recruiting process by posting jobs, tracking applicants, and scheduling interviews in one place.
Expired November 24, 2019

Easy Jobs Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Easy.jobs lifetime deal, easy Solution For The Job Recruitment To Attract, Manage & Hire Right Talent Faster Get Started Why Does Your Company Need Easy.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Manage the recruitment process from end to end on one platform.

Track the application stages and communicate with candidates directly.

Use questions and quizzes to find the best talent.

Best for: Growing startups and small businesses who want an easy way to hire the right candidates.

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Advanced Recruiting Solution With ALL YOU NEED To Accelerate The Hiring Process. Remote Hiring or Local – Easy. Jobs Streamline THE COMPLETE Recruitment Process & Make It Easier THAN PREVIOUSLY

Collaborate & Enable Remote Hiring

Provide customized team usage of have full control over the recruiting team and make smarter & faster hiring decisions

Insightful Reports From Analytics

Use advanced & automated reports to track activities and monitor the recruiting team to enhance the hiring workflow.

Instant Smart Notifications

Get an instantaneous notification to all the updates and also make your applicants alert for future activities to prepare yourself.

Smart Candidate Selection

Analyze and filter your desired people to get the correct one & make the recruitment process faster than previously

Interactive Interview Process

Quiz, Personality Test & more to help make the interview engaging for both and full freedom of remote hiring!

In-app Messaging With Candidates

Choose, Track, and instant connection with the candidate via messaging & make the hiring process smoother & effective.


Include job-specific questionnaires or ask some general questions to filter candidate profiles based on their responses

Branded Company Profile

Create a stunning company page to showcase employee benefits & existing talented team activities to attract the very best talent

Personalized Career Pages

Customizable yet responsive and professional-looking career page that brings your organization maximum exposure for the work posts. You might mention if you are remote hiring.

How Does It Work?


Super user-friend user interface along with customization options to make your jobs look attractive for the candidates.


Personalized team management system along with smart tracking and engaging user experience to make the recruitment process faster.


Seamless and advanced recruitment system to help make the best hiring decisions & create the most efficient team with the right people.

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