Fronter App Collaboration Lifetime Deal
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Fronter App Lifetime Deal

A tool that will let you take control over the complete centralized feedback process with easy-to-use visual elements.
Expired October 18, 2019
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Fronter App Lifetime Deal

Fronter is the fastest and most straightforward way to accumulate feedback on any web link or design file.

With a ready-to-use mechanism, this will be your brand-new favorite feedback tool with real-time collaboration.

Welcome to lifetime deal, gone are those days when you had to use different tools just to provide one feedback or edit to your team.

Thousands of screenshots, screen recordings, wastage of storage space and infinite emails is too much work for providing any feedback and edits to your team members and clients. It’s messy and time-consuming!

FRONTER – a tool that will let you take control of the complete centralized feedback process with easy-to-use visual elements.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Annotate any visual element on live websites.

Get your stakeholders on the same page.

Place comments on mockups and prototypes.

Take the conversation back to your project management tool.

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How to Use Fronter App

Step 1 – A ready-to-use mechanism

No prior installation or plugins required. Paste a web link or upload your file to start visually annotating. All feedback is stored in your account to return to any time.

Step 2 – Comment, mention, and resolve

Point and click elements to leave comments. With Fronter, you can mention your associates in a comment to become listed on your feedback session.

Step 3 – Share, collaborate, and export

Fronter gives you to add team members to collaborate over a project, or even export comments as tasks. With Fronter, you can also invite guests by merely sharing a link or by adding their email.

What does Fronter offer?

Annotate any visual aspect on live websites

Communicating visible edits is frustrating. Between screenshots and unclear instructions, the message often gets lost. Fronter gives you to stick comments anywhere on any live website. All you have to is a web link to paste.
Place comments on mockups and prototypes

Save the time spent on review emails, file uploads, and follow-ups. Transform your mockup into a shareable and sticker friendly page with Fronter. Your designers will be happy.

Get those stakeholders on a single page

Feedback gets messy when it goes beyond two different people. Take control over your feedback round by bringing together all individuals involved. Fronter gives you to include contributors and unlimited guests to work for a smoother workflow.

Take the conversation back again to assembling your project management tool

If not implemented at that moment, feedback often gets lost. Fronter connects to all your favorite project management tools to integrate feedback into the workflow. You can export a comment as an activity and attach details like OS, browser, and screen resolution.

What is Fronter great for?

User Experience

Communicating visual instructions is a challenge. Fronter can help you effortlessly collaborate with designers to turn mockups into the design experiences you dream of carefully.

Website Development

Get rid of the endless email exchanges and attached screenshots. Use Fronter to accumulate feedback and communicate it to developers simply and effectively.

Bug Reporting

A fresh and efficient way to report and resolve bugs. Fronter gives you to extract and spread every detail your team must solve a bug.

How will Fronter help you solve your Feedback Issue?

By Using Centralized Feedbacks

Collectively annotate any website or design file

Scattered feedback is a pain for everybody. Fronter can help you centralize feedback while staying organized and productive. Spot the issue and click to leave a comment for everybody to see.


Use the @ symbol to notify the right person in your team. Save enough time invested in the trunk and forth emails.

Comment and resolve

Take up a comment thread to involve your teammates. Once the issue is fixed, mark it as solved or export it as a continuing task.


Collaborate to make feedback rounds easier and faster
Team collaboration is often easier said than done. Fronter gives you to add all types of stakeholders to your project for a faster and easier exchange of ideas and comments.

Manage users

Fronter was created to bring teams closer. Add your associates back and help your small business stay organized by creating teams or groups inside your workplace.

Invite Guests

Get external stakeholders mixed up in the feedback process. Invite people as guests to donate to your project only by sending them a link. No account needed.

Keep it synced with your existing workflow

Nothing is worse when compared to a scattered feedback process. Fronter integrates with your selected project management tools to keep your time and efforts aligned and efficient.


Fronter automatically sends you information about the latest updates on your project. Stick to the loop with the progress of assembling your project all the time.


Export comments or threads to assembling your project management tool as tasks. Fronter gives you to pass everything your team needs with the duty.

Export every comment with helpful context

Feedback is merely actionable when it comes to context. Fronter automatically retrieves all the technical aspects related to the problem and attaches them to the task. Help your team accurately understand and complete their tasks.

  • OPERATING-SYSTEM – Attach the operating system details from which the issue was reported
  • Browser Type – Your task includes the browser where the bug was spotted for maximum accuracy
  • Exact URL – The URL of the page is automatically communicated in the duty
  • Viewport – Screen type will be transmitted with the duty to provide precise context to your team
  • Screenshot – A screenshot of the page is automatically mounted on the duty when exported
  • Time – Fronter extracts the accurate date and time where the bug was marked and sent it with the duty

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