Further Lifetime Deal
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Further Lifetime Deal

Content Curation for Learning Experience & Development.
Expired April 11, 2022
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Further Lifetime Deal

No matter what industry you’re in, you ought to help your group grow, and what great way to develop than to make your personalized course to your team users.

Around 75 percent of learning involves informal learning through blogs, chit chats, YouTube videos, plus other day-to-day content.

Now think of that all this learning by informal sources could be tracked, tagged with skill, personalized using AI and updated along with AI-based algorithms.

Introducing Further. The curation and mobile training program to upskill.

Further helps you discover AI backed micro-learning curation collection for your crew and serves immediate tracking with a massive skills map.

Leverage informal & AI-driven learning. No requirement to curate courses and only choose the necessary skills. Personalized content & skill tracking along with the plug-&-play mobile app.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Content Curation for Development & Learning Experience.

Enjoy Plug-n-Play Mobile Learning Experience On the Go.

Thanks to AI, No Need to Allocate Contents or Courses Manually.

Skill Reports & Certificates to Reward Your Team with Badges.

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