Jumppl Project Management Lifetime Deal
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Jumppl Lifetime Deal

An all-in-one project and team management platform with all the tools you need to make your business productive.
Expired December 5, 2019
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Jumppl Lifetime Deal

Jumppl is a digital workplace for Team Management, Project Management and all your Team Collaboration that helps you control and manage your business and team better.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Enjoy a comprehensive, simple project management tool that makes it easy to collaborate and communicate with your team.

Best for: Agency owners, SMBs, and entrepreneurs who want to consolidate their work tools for optimal efficiency.

Access many tools in one platform: Client Portal, Chat, Cloud Storage for Tasks, Calendar, Reports, more.

Create task structures and permissions for better team management.

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Jumppl can be an all-in-one project and team management platform with all the current tools you will need to make your business productive.

Jumppl makes managing projects and wrangling teams easier by pulling both functions into an individual platform.

Utilize the Task feature to remain before your to-do’s and manage your team’s progress.

You may easily share tasks with clients (“Pay me more $$$”) or associates (“Turn your music down”) to make specific tasks, and boundaries are always clear.

Jumppl also enables you to seamlessly flip between projects and groups to control everything and everyone simultaneously.

You can even set Team structures, enabling specific responsibilities, permissions, and access only to individuals who require it.

Your team leads can use the Reports module to gauge member performance and the status of every project.

Maintaining clear, simple communication across your whole team can make productivity soar.

Fortunately, Jumppl offers 1-on-1 and group chat functions.

Imagine the possibilities: Message your entire team to ask for a typical donut flavor – ahem, chocolate with sprinkles, please – and then privately message Simon to choose them up. (Everyone understands Simon isn’t working anyway.)

Keep the messenger tool carefully open when you hop between other screens within Jumppl.

There’s forget about back-and-forth in the middle of your messaging and project management software – just straightforward, in-app messaging when and where you will need it.

Handle client communication through your client portal: easily chat or share tasks, notes, and documents.

The portal enables you to give clients the access they need – without encroaching on your team’s space or productivity.

Use Jumppl’s Cloud Storage for saving task-related documents and assets in a specific project.

It’s simply perfect for teams who need to regularly access the same information, without the hiccup of regularly regressing to email to look at new attachments.

Technology should support all of your team, not enter their way.

Jumppl is a straightforward platform for keeping the most typical business tasks – communication, sharing documents, and managing projects – more accessible for everyone.

Jumppl Modules

Project Management

  • Sub projects
  • Sub Tasks
  • Time tracking
  • Project templates
  • Task scheduler
  • Kanban view
  • Custom fields

Client Portal

  • Client portal on your Custom Subdomain
  • Dedicated area for clients
  • Easily share updates
  • Share files, notes and tasks
  • Communicate via chat

Team Chat

  • 1 on 1 chat
  • Group chat
  • Integrated with other Jumppl modules
  • Desktop & Mobile apps

Files & Folders

  • Online files directory
  • Group based sharing of folders
  • Public sharing and upload area
  • Wysiwyg editor to create notes and wiki
  • Integrated with other Jumppl modules


  • Team Calendar
  • Events and Meetings
  • Custom event types
  • Group based sharing

Team Feed

  • Posts And Discussions
  • Comments
  • Update Notifications

& Much More

  • Profiles
  • Inbox
  • Custom reports
  • Advanced search

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