Laxis Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Laxis Lifetime Deal

AI Meeting Assistant.
Expired April 12, 2022

Laxis Lifetime Deal

Whether you’re a busy executive in need of assistance in scheduling and running meetings, or just someone who wants to take the load off their shoulders and let Laxis handle their meetings for them, this is your chance.

Modernizing the business world, Laxis is an AI meeting assistant that can help with scheduling, agenda management, and note-taking.

Working in the background, Laxis is always available to handle your schedule. It lets you focus on what matters most to you by adding value without getting in the way of your life.

With Laxis, you have a personal assistant that always follows your lead. Just tell it what you want it to do and continue doing what you were doing.

No more forgetting meetings or staying on top of deadlines! Laxis will take care of all these things so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Create Your Own Personalizable Meeting Templates.

AI Extracts Valuable Insights Across Interactions.

Comes with Real-Time Transcription and Tagging.

Integrations with Other Popular Conference Tools.

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