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Listagram Interactive Opt-in Lifetime Deal

An interactive spinning wheel opt-in form for increasing email subscribers and conversion rates.
Expired March 10, 2020
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Listagram Interactive Opt-in Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Listagram lifetime deal and use an interactive deal wheel to increase email subscribers.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Design your own interactive wheel and prizes to increase email subscribers.

Best for: Ecommerce sites and marketing teams that want to grow their email list with a fun and engaging opt-in form.

Set specific triggers for wheel display, including different versions for different site areas.

Customize win rates, colors, images, and text to your needs.

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Listagram can be an interactive spinning wheel opt-in form for increasing email subscribers and conversions.

Dust off your Vanna White gown, because establishing your wheel is all too easy.

First, you’ll design your wheel to your liking, which includes changing any of the text and colors, as well as adding your logo or choosing a style.

Then, you can proceed to the settings where you’ll choose display triggers.

You will discover separate mobile and desktop settings, with triggers including time-based and user behavior options, such as leaving the page.

Next, you’ll set up those tantalizing slices.

Input the prizes you’d prefer to have put into the wheel before defining their win rates (you don’t need to worry about going giveaway broke).

Prizes can be whatever you like, so if you want to add free shipping, unique products, or even consultations, the wheel will happily oblige.

Following the slices are set up, time to obtain a look at the whole pie.

The Wheel Preview is where you can try the hypnotizing magic on yourself.

See just how your fortune wheel will display to customers, and then give it a spin.

Listagram can also be added to any site so that it doesn’t matter if you’re on Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, etc.

On the Stats page, you’ll reach observe how many people interacted with the wheel, including top-performing pages and slices more than a selected period.

It also enables you to track emails collected and conversion statistics to offer a simplified view of how effective your strategies are.

The Overview page distills these details into numbers for Today, Yesterday, and Total for an instant top-down look.

About business growth, you don’t want to leave what to chance.

That’s why continually gaining subscribers and boosting conversions should be one of your top priorities.

Listagram turns that process into a great game absolute to have people playing the odds for prizes.

Listagram Features

Popup design

  • Stunning default themes
  • Fully customizable
  • Create a custom theme
  • Upload your graphics
  • Seasonal themes available

Advanced analytics

  • Get yourself a full overview of how your popups are performing
  • Monitor conversions across devices
  • See your top-performing landing pages
  • Slice and coupon distribution breakdown
  • Breakdown metrics by days, weeks and months

Settings and features

  • Trigger predicated on leave intent and timeouts
  • Advanced triggers with links and Javascript events
  • Individual settings for desktop and cellular devices
  • Run multiple wheels on multiple domains and URLs
  • Footer reminder urging the customer to work with coupon
  • Full control of cookie durations
  • Advanced slice and coupon configuration

Works on any platform

  • Easy to set up on all platforms, including custom sites. Paste an individual line of code, and you’re done! It may also be deployed using Google Tag Manager and similar tools.

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