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Map Out your Marketing Funnels, Collaborate with your Team, Execute your Strategy & Set it all Live with 1 Click

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The All In One Marketing Platform. Map and plan campaigns, Pages, Email Sequence, Blog Planner, Ad Set, Social Plan, Chat, Keyword Planner, Kanban, Projections & Live Video.

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MarketPlan Version 2.0 makes it easier to plan, execute, analyze, and optimize your marketing strategies and funnels. Map out your campaigns, assign tasks and to-do’s to your team, show it to your clients, track and optimize with real-time analytics, and scale.

MarketPlan Features

Map and plan campaigns

Give your whole campaign home on Marketplan’s canvas. Connect all of your marketing to one easy-to-use, live updating, dynamic map, and stop juggling marketing apps.

Collaborate with your team

Keep the team all on a single page (literally). Assign tasks, create comments, chat and send files, get progress notifications, and update to-do’s on the Kanban, all without leaving the app.

Run dynamic projections

Never undersell or overspend on your marketing again. Project your CPC; total Ad spend, visitors, leads, conversions, sales, run dynamic scenarios, and calculate your ROI all before you even set your campaign live.

Real-time analytics

Real numbers, real decisions, real profit. Dynamically track your Live campaign with real-time analytics. In MarketPlan, your funnels are more than mere plans; they’re real campaigns updating instantly.


Add visual value to your clients. Whether you’re pitching to a prospect, doing a coop with your client, or even providing live reporting, MarketPlan’s got you covered, letting you scale your agency confidently.

Marketing teams

Slice the chatter of multiple apps. Center your team’s workflow around one location that brings the energy of 10+ software in a single and synergize your workforce.


Forget about shots at night. Know precisely what you’re going to and exactly how you are going to get it done. Plan and make live business decisions to be sure to get the utmost ROI.

Roadmap features

Workflow Perfected

All in one place: your teams, work, your tasks. All available in dynamic timelines that update in real-time.

All-New Mini Apps

Ads, SEO, Pages, Emails, Campaign Tracking, Live Analytics, Full Chat, Custom Actions, therefore much more…

CRM Client Management

Become indispensable to clients, and track everyone that comes through the entranceway online with pinpoint accuracy.

Mobile App Launch

Manage the complete front end of your business from your pocket.


  • Version 2.0 Access
  • All Future Feature Updates
  • UNLIMITED Plans & Projects
  • 20 Users/Clients
  • White Label & Custom Domain
  • 500,000 Visitors Tracked Per Month Review and Lifetime Deal – All In One Marketing Platform Review and Lifetime Deal – All In One Marketing Platform
$495 $2975
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