Taskeo Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Taskeo Lifetime Deal

Grow your business with project & client management, appointment scheduler, time tracking, and email marketing solutions from Taskeo’s business management suite.
Expired August 18, 2022

Taskeo Lifetime Deal

Taskeo is an online productivity software that goes beyond project management and team collaboration. It’s the personal productivity assistant that you’ve been waiting for.

Taskeo can be an online communication tool where you can coordinate your associates and check what work has been done without any misunderstanding.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Create unlimited projects, workspaces, and tasks, private and shareable.

Track your productivity comfortably with no more stand-alone time trackers!

Monitor the progress of work with Project Burndown Charts.

Track what your teammates are doing without any misunderstanding.

Distribute your workload evenly with Team View.

Best for Startups, SMEs.

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Taskeo Features

Manage Everything IN ONE Application:

You can now track everything your team is focusing on. Instantly see who’s focusing on what and where things stand.

You may easily add tasks, projects, workspaces. Assign teammates to specific tasks. And with Team View, plan and control yours as well as your team workload as time passes.

Upgrade Team Communication:

All tasks related to communication is in a single place. Decrease the time wasted on unproductive meetings and painfully long email threads.

The only emails you’ll get will be with the relevant, summarized notifications and only when you don’t read it within 3 hours.

Keep Your Clients INFORMED:

Invite your clients to interact to provide projects faster and without misunderstandings. Make sure they are feel involved, well informed, and reduce the quantity of emails, unproductive meetings, and long calls.

You may share specific workspaces or projects with your clients. You decide what information to talk about.

Get Comprehensive Reports & Insights:

It’s good to check out the project from a distance. Reports enable you, in summary, the project data to see several things:

Which project your teammates spend the most time?
Which project is taking almost all of your enterprise resources?
Which associates deliver the most value?

Why YOU SELECT Taskeo For Project Management?

Enjoy Easy Task & Project Management

You can now manage your tasks much better than ever before. Maximize your productivity with Taskeo’s smart personal Dashboard, project burndown chart, and team task view. If you don’t like Kanban, switch to a list view.

Psst. Create all the projects and workspaces you want with this lifetime deal.


With Taskeo, you’ll have the ability to know what your team is up to. Thanks to our reports, time tracking, time zones & availability info, you’ll get to know more about your team.

Tracking And Reporting

It’s super easy to track and log time in Taskeo. You will create custom reports to get insights about the time allocated to tasks. This can make planning the next project more accessible and much more accurate.

Get Free Access to All Their Upcoming Features

Taskeo keeps growing and developing new features. By purchasing this LTD, you get instant access to all or any of our upcoming features – including unique Focus Mode and Chrome plugin that changes your workflow forever.

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