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ThriveDesk Review & Lifetime Deal

Best Live Chat Software for WordPress.
Expired October 28, 2021
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ThriveDesk Review & Lifetime Deal

As an SMB, your brand image, values, and mission are hugely defined by the customer service.

ThriveDesk is arguably the best live chat tool for WordPress. It’s straightforward, simple, and easy to use. Lightest, quickest live chat assistant which will work to draw in customers without slowing down your site.

With this tool, customer service teams could easily manage conversations over channels, offer instant support, and delight clients every stage of the way. Also, anybody in your company could become a support-professional very quickly.

ThriveDesk Review - Live Chat, Shared Inbox & Community

Read on for our full ThriveDesk review!

Highlights (TL;DR):

A shared inbox is where all customer chats, conversations, and queries are forwarded.

Community enables your customers to come together.

Live chat without slowing down your site.

Reporting tool helps you take data-driven decisions.

ThriveDesk Features

Here are some of the top features of ThriveDesk:


Thrivedesk’s Reporting tool helps you take data-driven decisions to support & please your users. Reporting features consist of conversations reporting, happiness score, company reporting, agent performance, leaderboard, and much more.

Shared Inbox

Manage all customer conversations via Thrivedesk’s Shared Inbox (also known as Ticket System). Shared Inbox is where all of your tickets, queries, and live chat are directed, and the team collaborates to offer a better client support experience.

Live Chat

Optimize conversions, avoid cart abandonment, as well as be there for your users when they want you with ThriveDesk’s Live Chat function.

WooCommerce Integration

If you sell the products using WooCommerce, there is no better method to handle all of your customer tickets effortlessly than using a Thrivedesk. You could check the total amount of orders, order details, shipping info right within the ThriveDesk conversation page.


Drive user engagement & boost client lifetime value by allowing your customers to come together, link, and collaborate on discussions, projects, and ideas.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a self-service platform that works ideally with the ticket system and live chat. It minimize ticket inflow, prevent repetitive incident logging, facilitate self-service in the portal, and increase resolution times along with a repository of content that can guide the customers discover answers to their issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThriveDesk?

ThriveDesk is arguably the top live chat solution for WordPress. It’s simple, effective, and user-friendly. Lightest, fastest live chat bot that will work to pull customers without bogging down your website.

Who is it For?

ThriveDesk is ideal for eCommerce businesses, Bootstrapped SaaS startups, WordPress theme & plugin businesses, and everybody else. If you ought to communicate with the customers and offer great customer support, you should use ThriveDesk.

Can I Customize It?

Absolutely. You may customize live chat colors, and upload the logo to fit your brand.

Do I Have to Install Any Extra Tools to Try the Live Chat Widget?

No. ThriveDesk is a fully-integrated WP live chat software. You can start chatting as soon as you install the ThriveDesk WordPress plugin & create a free of charge ThriveDesk account.

Do I Have to Know Coding to Use ThriveDesk?

No. ThriveDesk is the most intuitive helpdesk and live chat software out there.


That’s it! ThriveDesk is quick to set up, simple, and will boost your customer support by a stretch. It is specifically designed to small businesses since they understand your needs.

Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for one to acquire, keep, and please your customers. In fact, ThriveDesk is an excellent alternative to Intercom, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, etc.

With that said, ThriveDesk is not ideal and has its own set of problems. But, the team behind it is very active and the product is developing day by day. It got a golden reputation in such a short span. It can only get better from here onwards.

Whether you are a large team or solo entraprenure. You can always save huge with ThriveDesk lifetime deal!

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