Timelinr Roadmap Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Timelinr Roadmap Lifetime Deal

Rapid road maps & smart timelines make for the ultimate collaboration tool.
Expired October 1, 2021
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Timelinr Roadmap Lifetime Deal

With Timelinr create high-level roadmaps in seconds, that make sure your stakeholders, team, and clients know what the hell is certainly going on.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Create a timeline to plan your project’s tasks & resources.

Ensure your team members keep up w/ each change you make thanks to SimulCollab™.

Enjoy unlimited collab, timelines & sharing.

Get the best of both worlds w/ a blend of sprint & roadmap planning tools.

Save the environment by ditching paper lists.

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Why use Timelinr over another project management tool?

Timelinr gives both of you a unique look at the advanced view of what must have finished and who’s in charge of carrying it out, as well as the granular card-based view you know and love.

Who should use Timelinr?

Anyone who would like a lightweight planning solution that lets you get in, immediately know what’s occurring for you as well as your team’s day/week/month, and gets you out and back again to work.

We’re strong believers that planning shouldn’t be the work of a whole department or even a whole person.

In case your tools are user-friendly and intuitively built, anyone on the team can donate to the forward plan and get immediate value and clarity instantly.

Timelinr Features

  • Anticipate a timeline. See everything. Using timelines to plan your tasks and resources ensures you will have a high-level view of who’s working on what, and where everything is.
  • We know you love kanban boards for your planning. If you are using timelines, do you have to quit the habit? Nope! We married sprint planning tools with roadmap planning tools to offer the best of both worlds.
  • Are you making an alteration to a board card or timeline bar? Now your whole team sees it in real-time. We’re not going to state any longer because you have to view it to trust it. Just know that we’re the best on the market for real-time collaboration on project planning.
  • All you need to deal with assembling your project all in the cloud means no more messy/missing papers.
  • Forget about wondering if your change is going to be missed. Our SimultaneousCollab™ Keeps all of your team on a single page instantly.
  • (Just around the corner) Uncertain how to get started, or even how to use Timelinr for your workflow? Start with a template and get inspired!

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