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What is it? A Task Board for Makers

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with tasks and projects, don’t worry!

7todos is here to save the day. This task board is super simple, lightning fast, and made especially for makers like you.

With 7todos, you can easily switch between projects and workspaces, so you’ll always have a clear overview of everything you’re working on. And if you’re forgetful like us, you’ll love the daily reminders feature. You’ll never miss an important task again!

But wait, there’s more! Do you love tracking your progress and analyzing your work? Then you’ll definitely want to check out 7todos’ analytics feature. You can see exactly how much time you’re spending on each task without having to keep track yourself. It’s like having your own personal timekeeper!

If you’re tired of constantly opening and closing, then you’ll love the 7todos browser extension. It’s super easy to use and lets you add tasks without ever leaving your browser. Plus, it’s available on Chrome, so you can get started right away.

Collaboration is key to success, and that’s why 7todos has a must-share workspaces feature. You can work with your partner or co-founder on different tasks without any distractions. And if you need a daily planner to help you filter out the noise and focus on what really matters, then 7todos has got you covered.

As an Indie Maker, you’ve already got over 100 tasks to manage. That’s a lot! But don’t worry, you can automate as much as possible by using Integrately or Zapier to connect your favorite tools to 7todos.

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