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Darklup Lifetime Deal

WordPress Dark Mode Plugin.
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Darklup Lifetime Deal

Dark mode is the new trend.

From the latest Apple devices to Reddit, Twitter, and the most recent Windows 11 update, dark mode is all the rage. And with good reason. Dark mode is good for your eyes, your battery, and your brain.

Most dark modes use black text on a dark background, which can be hard to read.

That’s where Darklup comes in.

Darklup is a WordPress plugin that instantly converts your blog’s design to a dark mode that wraps your text in a dark, textured background.

It can be a great tool for designers, developers, and people who want to avoid eye strain.

Highlights (TL;DR):

All-in-One WordPress Dark Version Plugin.

Switch Between Different Dark Styles.

Improves Visibility for People with Low Vision.

Compatible with Divi, Gutenberg, Elementor, and Much More.

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What’s included in this deal:

  • 3 Sites License
  • Updates Unlimited
  • Priority Email Support

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