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DripDropEmail Lifetime Deal

An Email List Cleaning Software
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DripDropEmail Lifetime Deal

Growing your email list? You’re not alone. And guess what? Building and nurturing your email list has never been so easy!

In the business world, you compete for attention and customers, and it can take a lot of time and effort to acquire them. That’s why having a tool that allows you to design marketing emails, increase your productivity and manage the mailing campaign and analytics properly. Such tools aid in improving efficiency, and thus improve productivity.

DripDropEmail enhances your B2B email campaigns.

An email marketing software to manage your lists and collect email addresses.

This web app can:

  • Automate lead magnets
  • Create email collection forms
  • Clear an email list

Highlights (TL;DR):

Comes with the choice to build unlimited magnet forms.

Best for marketing coordinators, sales managers, solopreneurs, and other’s.

Grow business via b2b data, email, & online marketing.

Alternative to kickbox.com and ZeroBounce.com.

DripDropEmail Features

This product is a useful tool for digital marketers and entrepreneurs. It helps them to better understand and analyze their data, which in turn can help them make more informed decisions about their marketing campaigns.

This tool can help you clean up your existing lists by providing detailed reports for each item in your database. You can use these reports to identify any items that need further investigation.

With our platform, you can easily create capture pages for the lead magnets so that you can collect leads via incoming traffic. We offer an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder for creating these pages.

When somebody submits their contact info, we clean the data and prepare it so that it’s ready to download. We don’t use any credits until the data has been downloaded from our servers.

You can create an automatic email campaign to send out a specific file to people who fill out your contact forms. This could be any mail address you control and which tracks how many times each person opens the email.

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