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What is it? WordPress marketing plugin to use advanced social proof strategy to boost sales conversion rates.

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NotificationX Pro WordPress plugin review & lifetime deal which is a social proof tool that helps you to grab the attention of your website visitors and gain their trust instantly by showing real-time sales and engagement notifications.

Using social proof & FOMO marketing tactics, NotificationX helps you to gain trust and create urgency to skyrocket your WordPress conversion rates.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Show users recent customer activity & get noticed.

More than 20% increase in sales & engagement rates.

Gain their trusts using Social Proof & create urgency.

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What is sociable proof marketing?

People seek suggestions from friends and family before making a purchase decision. Public evidence marketing is the idea to show off the activities of others to influence them to be able to complete the purchase.

Why You Need NotificationX?

Grab Tourists’ Attention

Show users recent customer activity & be seen

Build Instant Credibility

Gain their trusts using Social Facts & create urgency

Increase Business Growth

A lot more than 20% upsurge in sales & engagement rates

Ways to Marketing Using NotificationX

Sales Alert

Quickly gain trust from website visitors by showing who else also purchasing your product. View it in action.

Blog Engagement

Quickly get exposure and readers to your blog posts by showing the recent comments.

WordPress Review

Display your Plugin/Theme reviews from & build trustworthiness.

WordPress Download Count

Display just how many folks have downloaded your product from recently.

Email Subscriptions

Encourage your users to subscribe to your newsletter by showcasing who else also just signed up.

Notification Bar

Allow visitors to find out about your offers, bargains, announcement, etc. with a proactive approach.

How to Use NotificationX?

1. Get Started

Easy to Install

Install NotificationX on your WordPress site in just a few minutes.

Download & Upload Zip File

Download the unit installation data file from and upload to your internet site

Activate & Configure

After the upload is completed, hit Install and Activate NotificationX

2. Design Your Notification

Pick a Notification Type

Pick from 6 different kinds of notifications

Utilize a Ready Theme

Select a ready design, or create your design from scratch

Adjust Content

Add your Content, Button, and Count-Down

3. Publish Your Campaign

Set Screen Frequency

Select just how many times you want the Notification to seem

Adjust Positioning

Modify the precise position where you want to put the notification

Launch Campaign

Reach the Publish button after you are satisfied with the look

4. Boost Conversion

Build Credibility

Gain trust and begin converting your users into buyers

Increase Conversion

Experience development in conditions of Sales, Traffic, Proposal & Subscriptions

Boost Your Growth

Get significant improvement in your current conversion rates

What’s included in this deal:

  • Deal Features

Get lifetime access for just a $249 one-time payment.

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