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Relyft Lifetime Deal: Audience Research Tool

End-to-End Audience Research Tool
Expired August 20, 2023
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Relyft Lifetime Deal: Audience Research Tool


Are you struggling to understand your audience’s needs and wants? Are you trying to identify key metrics like demographics and interests? Are you looking for a cost-effective way to do audience research?

If so, the Relyft Lifetime Deal can be the perfect solution for you.

Relyft is an end-to-end audience research tool that helps you uncover valuable insights about your audience, including popular topics, hashtags, and resistance points.

With Relyft, you can save money, time, and resources while gathering the data you need to make informed decisions about your marketing campaigns.


Audience Demographics

This feature provides a comprehensive picture of the demographics of the live audience, allowing users to understand their interests, preferences, and which platforms they are engaging with.

It also provides insights into the distribution of traffic, marketing channels, and the overall sentiment of the audience. All of this data can be invaluable for marketing and promotional campaigns, helping users to target their audience more effectively.

Audience Behaviors

This feature allows users to gain a more complete understanding of their audience. It provides insights into their interests, topics of conversation, influencers, and other areas such as the websites they visit, the language they use, and the hashtags they employ.

It helps users tailor their content to their followers more effectively, improving their overall social media strategy.

Web Embed & Sharing

The Web Embed & Sharing feature simplifies the process of presenting and sharing research findings on the web. It allows users to quickly and easily embed their findings on their blog or website, or link to them so that others can easily access them.

This feature is ideal for organizations or professionals looking to present their research findings in an organized and professional manner.

Drive Traffic via Hashtags

Relyft helps businesses gain valuable insights into the hashtags their target audience follows and uses. This allows them to better engage and interact with their audience, increasing their brand exposure and creating more opportunities for meaningful interaction.

By understanding the hashtags their target audience is using, businesses can join the relevant conversations, connect with potential customers, and stay up to date with the latest trends in their industry.


What information can be obtained about the live audience’s demographics?

Gender, age, hobbies, interests, and workplace.

How can research findings be presented and shared using Relyft?

Through the Web Embed & Sharing feature, which allows easy embedding on a website or blog and sharing via a link.

What does Relyft help with regarding social media interaction and brand exposure?

Learning about the #hashtags used and followed by the target audience.

What aspects of traffic and online presence can be understood through Relyft?

Distribution of traffic, marketing channels, social presence, and sentiment analysis.


By leveraging Relyft, brands and businesses can get key insights about their target audience, such as gender, age, interests, conversations, influencers, and much more.

Relyft also provides insights about #hashtags and traffic distribution, which helps businesses analyze their online presence and better understand their customer base.

In this article, we have looked at the various features and possibilities offered by Relyft and how businesses can greatly benefit from using this powerful platform.

To get a better understanding of your target audience and gain a competitive advantage, give Relyft a try now!

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