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Upp Lifetime Deal: CRM + Invoicing + Accounting + Scheduling

All-in-One Super-App for Small Business
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Upp Lifetime Deal: CRM + Invoicing + Accounting + Scheduling

If you ever tried to use a CRM or accounting apps, you probably noticed that you were spending more time on them than on your notepad records or spreadsheets. They were so complex that it was almost impossible to use them on the go. Moreover, business software usually comes with high monthly payments.

If only you had every tool you need to streamline sales, track finances, manage inventory, schedule appointments, and more, all in a single and easy-to-use mobile app.

Meet Upp – the all-in-one business app. Simple as a notepad, powerful as an enterprise-level solution.

Introducing Upp app for small business and self-employed


  • Just one app covers all business needs
  • Available on any device: Win, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Mobile-first and clear interface
  • Suitable for any country
  • Technologies and data security by Google

Who is it for?

Upp is suitable for many types of businesses: online and offline sales (B2B / B2C), accounting and law companies, delivery / cleaning / plumbing / lawn mowing services, car repair and wash stations, barbershops, SPAs, beauty and nail salons… Ideal for self-employed and teams up to 20 pax. Contact Upp support agent to understand whether it fits your business or not.


  • Orders: Manage clients, leads and orders easily with our unique designed CRM
  • Money: Accounting have never been so simple. Track payments: income and expenses. Get paid online
  • Inventory: Keep your warehouse stock up to date with minimal effort
  • Planning: Agenda, calendar, schedules in one place. Built-in online booking system
  • Docs: Create invoices and other documents (bills, receipts, estimates, contracts, reports) in seconds
  • Tasks: Remember everything with our super-fast task manager and to-do list
  • Notifications: notify your colleagues and customers via WhatsApp, SMS, email or push on every crucial event

Why choose Upp?

Upp doesn’t have direct competitors. It has its own unique vision on small business automation, focused on mobility. It’s the most pocket-friendly business software on the market. And now you have the chance to discard $179+ annual subscription payments and use Upp forever for just $59. Isn’t it a miracle?

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