Woorise Refferal Marketing Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Woorise Lifetime Deal

A platform that helps you create beautiful giveaways and contests to generate more leads, grow your social following, and increase sales.
Expired December 14, 2021
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Woorise Lifetime Deal

A platform that helps you create beautiful giveaways and contests to generate more leads, grow your social following, and increase sales.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Grow your email list by running viral giveaways and competitions.

Best for: Digital agencies, social media marketers, and e-commerce business trying to grow their audience and brand.

Get more social media followers, increase engagement, website traffic, and sales.

Create surveys, polls, quizzes, and engaging forms.

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Woorise is a program that can help you create beautiful giveaways and contests to generate more leads, increase your social following, and increase sales.

Woorise offers templates and drag-and-drop tools to help you build professional surveys, friendly campaigns, and contests that drive measurable engagement.

Woorise FAQ

Does Woorise support white-label? Can I hide Woorise branding from any communication? Be it email or widget or whatever, can I hide the brand from customers?

Yes, you can hide everything, even to add your own site icon (favicon).

On how many websites of my clients, I can use Woorise with one account?

From one account, you can create multiple campaigns for multiple clients. If you need more flexibility, you can create a new workspace (we call them Sites) for your client. Sites are different accounts that can be managed from your main account. You can learn more about Sites in the following link: https://woorise.com/docs/what-are-sites

With 2 stacks, it says “10,000 entries per month” – what does it exactly mean? What do you mean by entries? Do you mean entries = referrals?

It means 10.000 entries (different users) per month. The counter resets each month.

I am looking for some good use cases to use Woorise. e.g., I have one client in the web hosting business, how can I use Woorise in this case. I have another client in the fashion e-commerce business; how can I use Woorise in this case. And one client in an online hotel room booking business for his hotel (not an aggregator), how can I use Woorise in this case?

We released a significant update recently; the features are there, but we need some time (1-2 weeks) to update existing templates and release more new ones. Here you can check how new templates will look like: https://woorise.com/demo/ With Woorise you can create any type of campaigns such as viral giveaways, advanced quizzes, surveys, validate codes, offer personalized coupons, run Instant Win campaigns, referral campaigns or even create an NPS campaign to get feedback from your customers.

Woorise Features

Increase your Business Running Giveaways & Contests

Woorise contest iPhone app is the easiest way to gather leads and customer connections, running giveaways, and contests. Our simple interface and built-in tools are ready to make your next campaign easy and straightforward and the most successful one yet.

Create Giveaways & Contests with a Move & Drop Builder

Create a simple contest form with just contact or a complex one with checkboxes, date fields, dropdowns, and much more in seconds from a move and drop interface. Add social action buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, plus more.

Conditional Actions & Confirmations

Conditional options that allow you to configure your form showing or hide fields, sections, confirmation messages (many thanks pages), or even the submit button predicated on user selections. This enables you to easily control what information your individual is asked to provide on your giveaway or contest and tailor the proper execution specifically with their needs.

Social Actions to improve Engagement & Followers

Increase your audience using an array of pre-build social actions such as viral show, follow buttons, inserted social widgets for popular internet sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

Woorise allows you to easily create custom activities for any friendly network, system, and website out-there. For example, Heavy steam, ProductHunt, Tumblr, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Vk, TripAdvisor, Spotify, Indiegogo, 500px, Flickr, Reddit, WordPress, Yelp, to name a few.

Viral Share

Incentive users with Reward Entries for referring their friends and increase sharing and participation. Bonus offer entries are tracked with a unique URL directed at a user that has come into your contest. Once they enter, they get the hyperlink that they can back up or share it using popular social buttons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, email, and much more.

Giveaway & Contest Analytics

Monitor the performance of your giveaway, contest, and competition with easy to comprehend tracking data. You don’t need to dig around for promotion performance – it’s all right at your fingertips.

Works together with Marketing Apps you Love

Build and customize beautiful contests, giveaways, quizzes, getting pages, and integrate them with all the marketing & sociable apps you utilize every day. Pick from a wide range of integrations, including all major email marketing apps and send your brand-new leads right to the various tools you already use and love.

Mobile Friendly

Campaigns and Woorise App user interface are fully mobile-friendly. Facebook contests are accessible from every device, even from mobile & tablets, with a smart URL.

Move & Drop Builder

You can simply customize any component of the campaign, including form fields and social actions from a move and drop interface.

1-Click pick Winners

Woorise can randomly find several winners from all entrants in one click. Or you can export all your entries and select the winner yourself.

Email Notifications

Automatically send email notifications whenever a form is submitted. Use conditional logic and send targeted information based on user choices.

Embed it Everywhere

No Limits. You can embed your content wherever you want, from your Facebook page to your Website and Blog, or even let associates embed your contest on their site.

Export Data

Export all member’s data in a CSV file. Do You need better control? You can define optional filters and a night out the range to export just what you need.

Any Language

Campaigns are fully translatable to any words. You may easily have your rivals in your preferred terms or your market vocabulary.

Conditional Actions

Conditional show or hide form fields, sections, interpersonal actions, or confirmation messages (many thanks pages). You can even send email notifications conditionally.

Accept Payments

Make sales, accept credit cards & deliver products through your Woorise campaigns. Accept payments using the most popular and secure payment gateways.


Create advanced or straightforward Polls. Optional display poll results, percentages, counts, plus more publicity.


Create advanced or straightforward Quizzes with grading options and track the results from a lovely report page.


Create Surveys for market research, client satisfaction, employee surveys, job satisfaction studies, and more.

Feedback Forms

Create beautiful, user-friendly Feedback forms and learn what customers think about your website or app.

Online Order & Payments

Create Order forms and allow secure repayments from the most popular payment gateways.

Event Registration

Create Event Registration sorts, free or paid, and easily manage or even printing them.

Newsletter Signup

Create Newsletter Subscribe forms and hook up with your selected email marketing program.

Application Forms

Collect information for job applications, scholarships, rental applications, volunteer applications, and even more.


Make your campaign available to specific countries. Geo-Targeting gives you to deliver your campaigns to certain users predicated on his / her geographic location.

Email Notifications

Automatically send email notifications whenever a form is submitted. Use conditional logic and send targeted notifications predicated on individual choices.

Instant Win

Create instant get campaigns watching your winners automatically picked. Conditionally screen different confirmation messages and email notifications for winners and non-winners.

Embed it Everywhere

No Limits. You could embed your contest wherever you want, from your Facebook site to your site and Blog or even let partners embed your contest on their website.


Customize your content to your style, choosing from a variety of options and colors. Enable or hide elements, upload your creative images.

Any Language

Campaigns are fully translatable to any language. You may easily have your rivals in your selected terms or your target audience language.

Accept Payments

Make sales, accept bank cards & deliver products through your Woorise promotions. Accept obligations using the most popular and secure payment gateways typically.

CSS Customization

Create your theme or enhance our existing styles. Fine-tune small details of your promotion.

Conditional Actions

Conditional show or hide form fields, sections, cultural actions, or confirmation messages (many thanks pages). You can even send email notifications conditionally.


Woorise might take data privacy very seriously. We’ve implemented lots of security measures to safeguard data and ensure compliance with GDPR.

Fraud Detection

Woorise comes with sophisticated computerized fraud detection tools and options to invalidate cheaters.

Viral Share

Payback users with bonus entries for referring their friends when entering to increase showing and participation.

Woorise Integrations


Use your free or paid MailChimp consideration to check out up with new contacts you accumulate via Woorise.

Facebook Pixel

Just enter your Facebook Pixel ID into Woorise to keep track of and optimize your promotions.


Easily keep up with your leads by automatically importing and updating their contact data inside ConvertKit.


Automatically create or update Drip subscribers each and every time a Woorise website landing page form is submitted.


Connect Woorise with Dropbox, allowing customers to upload files to Dropbox.


Link your EmailOctopus bank account to Woorise and begin seamlessly adding more brings about your mailing lists.

Google Tag Manager

Add any snippet of code or tracking pixel to your campaigns via Google Tag Manager.


The most powerful automated HubSpot marketing campaigns focus on Woorise lead generation tools.


Create or update Klaviyo members from new Woorise submissions.


Maintain your team instantly informed by setting up programmed Slack notifications each time an application submission is received.


Connect Woorise with Square, permitting end users to acquire goods and services through your Woorise forms.


Automatically trigger actions inside your Trello account, such as setting up a card or adding a checklist item to a card.


Whenever a Woorise form is submitted, automatically trigger an SMS or telephone call to notify you of the opt-in.


Assimilate your Stripe accounts to make sales, process payments, and even deliver digital products from right inside Woorise.


Accept payments from over 200 countries and over 45 payment methods, directly within your Woorise landing page forms.


Accept payments, sell simple products or services, donations, and subscriptions by connecting your Woorise form with PayPal.


Make permission-based email marketing better by integrating Woorise with your AWeber bank account.

Campaign Monitor

Easily match your leads by automatically importing and updating their contact data inside Campaign Monitor.


Kick-off your automated email promotions by sending leads from Woorise to ActiveCampaign.

Mad Mimi

Create template-free email newsletters with Mad Mimi and automatically add your Woorise opt-ins to 1 or all your email lists.


Web page links your GetResponse bank account to Woorise and begins seamlessly adding more causes to your mailing lists.


Simplify your email marketing by using Woorise to build your database of leads inside iContact.


Automatically create or update CleverReach subscribers whenever a Woorise squeeze page form is submitted.

Constant Contact

Send the email newsletters you create with Constant Contact to the leads you generate with Woorise.


Build email lists in Emma by collecting leads from the Woorise platform.

Google Analytics

Just enter your Google Analytics tracking ID into Woorise and get insights and real-time visitors tracking.


Connect Woorise with your Bitly account to automatically get short links for your campaigns.


Send your leads to 1000+ programs instantly with new integrations that can streamline your workflow and activate automated actions.


Easily pass information such as form submissions, payment data, and more to the 3rd-party service of your decision.

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