FlockRocket Social Proof Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

FlockRocket Social Proof Lifetime Deal

The new, easy way to skyrocket your conversions! This website widget increases your conversions by showcasing trusted reviews.
Expired August 31, 2021
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FlockRocket Social Proof Lifetime Deal

Welcome to FlockRocket review & lifetime deal,

91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

FlockRocket.io helps you bring those reviews, and other trust builders, to them, without ever leaving your site and assures them that they’re on the right path.

You could show a video testimonial, most recent purchases, or even the number of actual people that are on your site – the virtual version of a crowded shop.

FlockRocket offers the flexibility to easily create and publish on-site notification widgets anywhere on your page, in just a few clicks.

Turn your site visitors into customers by making them never leave your page!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Boost trust by displaying reviews from other customers.

Let people know that they’re not the only one looking on your site.

Assure your site visitors w/ Social Proof.

Announce anything your site visitors should know.

Show when real people made a purchase on your website.

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Why You Need FlockRocket?


Engage users on your page. 98% of first-time visitors never return. Flock Rocket will engage them before they


Social Proof and Reviews are proven to increase conversions! Don’t leave anyone behind.


Raise the number of people that take action on your site. We have a widget for almost any conversion imaginable!

FlockRocket Features

  • Boost trust by displaying reviews from other customers.
  • Capture emails from your website visitors to enable you to follow up.
  • Announce anything your site visitors should know!
  • Assure your website, visitors, with Social Proof.
  • Request feedback from customers and site visitors.
  • Offering a coupon encourages users to complete checkout.
  • Let people know that they are not the only person looking.
  • Show when real people do something on your website.
  • Encourage people to tell their friends on social media.
  • Share videos with your website audience.
  • Manage every site, campaign, and widget in one dashboard.
  • Customize each widget in any manner you’d like.
  • Track everything in real-time with detailed analytics.
  • Integrations numerous SaaS tools


Do I want any coding skills?

No, If you learn how to copy and paste, you could have Flock Rocket on your site in about 10 seconds.

Will Flock Rocket actually work with any site?

Yes, Flock Rocket will work with any website and it is supported by every major page builder and content management system!

Is Flock Rocket a plugin?

No. Flock Rocket is a completely hosted software platform that allows you to create and manage notification widgets for all your sites. It’s better to install and faster than any plugin.

Deal Group Discussion

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2 thoughts on “FlockRocket Social Proof Lifetime Deal”

  1. This is a very bad company. Launcing a very broken app and trying to sell it as a complete product.

    After buying and trying to set everything up I came to the conclusion it very a very stripped down version of a functional program.

    I tried applying for the refund (which they guarantee) but after not replying to my refund request and over 6 emails and questions under their ads (and being blocked).

    I asked American Express to help me out.. they saw that they where scamming me so they pulled back the money from their account.

    I hate it when people try to scam others. I havn’t had this happen to me ever. They were rude and terrible on there chat on the website.

    My advice… never ever do business with these pirates!

    + PROS:

    Nothing, It’s a scam.. an unfinished product and the company have ripped a lot of people off!

    – CONS:

    I purchased flockrocket under my business account that has been blocked on Facebook because I asked for a refund and they did not respond for over a week but still make time to delete my public post.

    They don’t reply to support question

    There product is too early too launch (they should be ashamed to sell this this early)

    When asked for a refund they refuse and don’t reply to any off my questions.


    American Express has investigated the issue and choose to help me get my refund forcefully. Don’t believe this scamming company. No help, no support and no refunds.


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