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Sparkle Lifetime Deal

Sparkle is an intuitive app for creating visually stunning, SEO-optimized, & high-performing sites.
Expired July 11, 2020
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Sparkle Lifetime Deal

Sparkle is a Mac app that enables the creation of a successful website. A great Mac user interface makes simple things simple, complex things approachable, you have unparalleled control over the looks and the features of the website. Sparkle makes building websites fun again.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Built-in SEO: Your Sparkle site has all the technical details in place for optimal search engine discoverability.

Social, sharing, maps: Sparkle sites are not just gorgeous, they look awesome when shared on social media as well.

High performance: There’s no optional site optimization step: the generated site is always high performance.

Embed & extend: Sparkle can easily embed third-party commerce, chat, mailing list services, to name a few.

Sparkle Features

Make your site stick out

You want your site to stick out, sell more, have more reservations and signups, and be more authoritative. This is the performance that counts.

Built-in SEO

Your Sparkle site has all the techie details set up for optimal search engine discoverability.

Always high performance

There’s no optional site optimization step: the made site is often high performance.

Social, sharing, maps

Sparkle sites are not merely gorgeous; they look fantastic when shared on the friendly press as well.

Embed and Extend

Sparkle may easily embed alternative party commerce, chat, email list services, to mention a few.

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