Analitics-Base Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Analitics-Base Lifetime Deal

Business Analytics Software
Expired August 1, 2023
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Analitics-Base Lifetime Deal

In order to improve your website, you need to understand your users. Analytics-Base lets you track the paths and actions of your site visitors without invading their privacy. Using powerful analytics tools, you can create strategies based on the data gathered and generate more website traffic, more customers, and gain extra online visibility! Discover what visitors click, what they like, and what they don’t like about your site by tracking their journey.

Key Features

  • With easy-to-understand analytics, you’ll get a clean and simple interface
  • Cookies are not used, IPs are not tracked, or fingerprints are not collected. Meets GDPR, CCPA, & PECR
  • Integrates easily with Shopify, WordPress, and Squarespace
  • Providing privacy-protected web analytics in real-time
  • Easy-to-understand statistics
  • Ensure that visitor sessions are recorded and replayed
  • The number of projects is unlimited
  • Keep up-to-date with monthly reports & updates
  • Get premium user support

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