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KleanMail Lifetime Deal

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KleanMail Lifetime Deal

The most important thing for your business is a clean email list, but who has time to manually verify all the addresses? 

Maintaining a clean email list can be difficult. Rather, you spend hours validating emails, and you never know for sure if every one is accurate. 

Your email list should be verified in order to increase your email marketing results – one bad email address can end up destroying your sender reputation.

In addition to avoiding deliverability issues, keeping your email list clean allows you to more accurately target your audience.

Meet the KleanMail Lifetime Deal

KleanMail solves all of your email verification issues. The tool helps validate single or bulk emails within minutes, not hours or days, with its fast, accurate, and easy-to-use real-time email verification tool.

Aside from that, it allows you to verify bulk emails at an unparalleled speed and time. Boost your email deliverability today with KleanMail and keep your list clean!

Your customer database can be cleansed with Kleanmail, a cloud-based email validation tool. Your emails are sent only to the right contacts thanks to its ability to distinguish between valid and invalid email addresses.

Furthermore, Cleanmail helps you avoid being blacklisted by most email providers, so your promotional emails are more likely to reach your customers.

KleanMail Features

With Kleanmail, you can validate a single email in minutes by reviewing the email format, checking the disposable email, checking the mailbox existence, checking the spamtrap, checking hard bounces, etc.

Thousands of email IDs can be validated in one go with Kleanmail. Among the features checked are all those for single email validation, as well as the features mentioned above.

Every touch point where users enter their email ID can be integrated with Kleanmail’s email verification APIs. There are several possible touchpoints, including landing pages, registration processes, newsletters, and other sign-up pages, as well as back-end web calls that may pass on email ids.

Using this tool, you can determine which email ids are not meeting well-known email syntax rules in real-time. The most common error in email lists is email syntax errors, which should be removed from your list at all times.

You can eliminate such emails from your campaign list using Kleanmail’s spam email address checker. Spam traps are mailboxes or domains set up specifically to capture spam. Senders’ IP addresses and domain reputation are recorded when emails are sent to spam traps. 

Your marketing campaign will be less affected by catch-all email domains identified by Kleanmail.

In addition to saving you time and money, Kleanmail’s hard bounce email checker feature provides results in real time.

Using Kleanmail’s throwaway email cleaner, you can identify such email addresses and prevent email bounces. Disposable email addresses never receive emails.

With Kleanmail, you can check your ISPs and remove emails from inactive, parked, and invalid domains. Spam traps can be detected hidden in your contacts with the email domain validator.  

You won’t have to worry about getting your online reputation tarnished if you use Kleanmail to validate email addresses and scrub bad MX records. Email is delivered to your address via Mail Exchange Records (MX). Emails are transferred between computers using Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs).

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