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With the Night Eye browser extension, you can enable dark mode on nearly any website. This add-on is available on all major browsers. Several customizable options as well as a smooth dark theme offer significant eye protection. The filters such as blue light filters and a variety of other customization options also enhance the protection you receive from the extension.

Night Eye is the only dark mode extension that offers 24/7 customer support. The site is regularly updated and improved every two weeks.

Key Features

  • Color changer. Change any website’s color to reinvent your browsing experience
  • Brightness/Contrast/Saturation. Maintain healthy levels of brightness, contrast, and saturation and protect your eyes
  • Dimming. It is extremely useful if you’re working in a dark space or room, with only the screen as a source of light.
  • Image conversion. This tool analyzes and converts the icons and small images on a website to give you a smoother experience (it does not convert Facebook posts and other significant media).
    • Blue Light Filter. Keep your eyes healthy by reducing the amount of blue light coming from your screen. It is highly recommended, especially during late night browsing
    • Real Support. Open the Night Eye extension to access the messaging center.

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