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Yaraa Lifetime Deal: Digital Project Manager

Imagine having a project manager that never sleeps and can take care of all your tasks and employees, all day and night long.

Sounds like a joke, right?

But guess what, it’s not! Introducing Yaraa, the digital project manager that provides teams with everything they need to stay in sync, meet deadlines, and achieve their goals.

Yaraa is a business suite powered by AI that makes managing remote teams, projects, and tasks effortless. It reduces human costs and increases productivity. This web 3.0 tool enables organizations to work seamlessly with remote/hybrid teams, thanks to its speech-based-touch-free, human-system interaction.

So, what features does this digital project manager offer? For starters, it uses voice command AI technology that quickly responds to voice commands in all popular languages. It can solve staffing problems and automate business processes using AI technology. You can create and manage projects in just a few seconds with voice commands, and an actionable project progress report is available on the dashboard.

You can use a to-do list to keep track of workloads and make employees manage tasks independently. Agile companies will find it very easy to work with. Plus, you can assign and complete tasks faster than ever with real-time comments, and the task timer helps you complete priority tasks and deliver them on time.

So, what can you do with this digital project manager? Well, you can speak to Yaraa to create a to-do list, manage your projects in one centralized platform, and move team ideas to action quickly. You can collaborate and deliver your project on time by managing and reviewing tasks, and employee engagement and communication become much faster with the chat and call tool.

Why choose this digital project manager? It operates 24/7, improving work efficiency. It automates your work processes, empowers your business with a hybrid (remote + onsite) work environment, and allows you to speak in your language and get work done. It’s a win-win!

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